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You can check WWE's website. Click the link under 'Sources and related links' to find all information about every superstar.

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Q: Is any WWE superstar born on 10 January?
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Is their any WWE superstar born on October 20?

Chavo Guerrero

Is any WWE superstar born on september 4th?

I'm afraid not.

Was any WWE superstar in the marines before they were a WWE superstar?

john cena randy orton the miz and chris jerhico

Does any WWE superstar live in HoustonTexas?


Is any WWE superstar single?

Yes, many of them are

Is any WWE superstar have the birthday of dec 20?


Who was the 2006 WWE superstar of the year?

MVP was The superstar of the year in 2009 Do anyone have any food

Did any WWE superstar ever become a teariest?


Is any WWE superstar any celebrity's old or new bodyguard?


Why did Christian give up so easily and tell Ken Shamrock the subterranean whereabouts of Stephanie McMahon?

* Vince McMahon is/was the owner of the WWE/F. * The owner of the WWE/F can tell any superstar under his employ what to do. * Vince McMahon can tell any superstar under his employ what to do. * Christian was a WWE/F superstar. * Ken Shamrock was a WWE/F superstar. * Therefore, Stephanie McMahon was in the basement.

Does any WWE Superstar or Diva have Bebo?

No they do not! Anyone claiming to be them are fakes.

How do you mod in WWE smackdown vs raw 2011?

Once you get on the game, you go to my wwe, then you click superstar managment. From there you click on any superstar and click the show that they are on and just change it.