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possibly bill goldberg the rock hasn't put a match out of his mind and triple h is a mystery opponent for sheamus at extreme rules

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Q: Is goldburg returning to WWE in 2011?
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Will Goldburg Go to Tna?

Nope goldberg will not go to tna but he is speaking we with the wwe about returning for a short stent and also he might be on any of the new wwe games

Is Ashley Massaro returning to the WWE in 2011?

It is unlikely that she will be returning.

Where is WWE goldburg?

Goldberg is retired as of now. There have been numerous rumours about him returning to WWE or TNA. But, all of them have turned out to be false. As of now, he is not an active professional wrestler. He may or may not return to active competition

When will goldburg return to WWE?

he never come back he has ended his carrer in wwe

Is Kurt angle returning to the WWE 2011?


Is the undertaker returning to WWE in 2011?

on the 22nd of february

Is undertaker returning to WWE in 2011?

on the 22nd of february

Did Triple H retire form the WWE?

No he did not. He is returning back to the WWE in April 2011.

Is rock returning in WWE?

Yes, he has returned to active competition in WWE Survivor Series 2011

Is Jeff hardy returning to WWE in 2011?

Yes Nov 11 2011 That is a flat out lie, No he is not returning to WWE this year or next year he is currently under contract with TNA until 2014

Why the undertaker left WWE 2010?

Undertaker is on leave from WWE due to an injury. He is in talks of returning in 2011.

Is Booker T returning to WWE in 2011?

maybe in the royal rumble