Is rob van dam in WWE 2k14?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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For X-Box 360 yea but for PS3 I don't know

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Q: Is rob van dam in WWE 2k14?
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is rob van dam in wwe 2k14

Is rob van dam staying in the WWE?


Is Rob Van Dam returning to the WWE?

Yes, Rob Van Dam is surely returning to WWE. His return will be a PPV or Pay Per View hit.

Will rob van dam come back to wwe as rob van dam?

course he will still be himself. rob van dam wouldn't get the electric if he changed name. would he? He will come back as Rob Van Dam and be just as extreme as he was before.

Who rob van dam friend?

rob van dam has al ot of friends but his best friend is his brother, hardys, and you the wwe

Is the hardys and rob van dam coming back to WWE?

No they are not

Was rob van dam on WWE?

He was, but he's now in TNA

Is rob van dam coming back to wwe ecw or tna?

Rob Van Dam is wrestling dark matches its only live you to be there to believe it

In 2006 who won the money in the bank WWE?

Rob Van Dam

How many times has Rob Van Dam won the WWE tag team belts?

Rob Van Dam has held the WWE Tag Team Championship once, and he has held the WWE World Tag Team Championship twice.

When is rob van dam going to return to WWE?

Rob Van Dam is a retired professional wrestler best known for his stint in WWE and ECW. He is currently retired and pursuing movie and TV program productions. As of now he is not planned to return to the WWE.

Why did rob van dam join tna?

Because his contract expired in WWE.