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Q: Is smackdown vs raw 2010 better than cod mw 2?
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Is smackdown vs raw 2010 better than cod?

it is probably better than call of duty waw or cod 4 but not mw2

How do you get the rock on Smackdown vs Raw 2010?

from a cod when u preorder it frist

Is cod 2 better than cod 3?

no it is not

Is COD black ops better than COD MW3?


Does ps3 have better COD players than xbox 360?

no xbox has better cod players than ps3 ps3 is not as skilled players as u think so ya xbox has better cod

Which is Better Cod or LEGO If Cod which one or LEGO which one?

its your opinion which 1 is better but i think every 1 of the cod franchise is better than Lego games anyday...

Is Assassins creed better than cod?

COD is way better than assassin's creed, but assassin's creed is still a pretty good game In my opinion Assasins creed is better than C.O.D. BUT I still love the cod series!:)

Is call of duty better than sonic?

NO! Sonic is WAY better than COD!

Which is better cod or FIFA?

If you like first person shooting games than COD. If you like soccer than FIFA.

Is COD better than halo?

IT all is based on opinoin. COD is for noobs and halo is a skillful game for casual and pro gamers alike.

Is cod 4 better than black ops?


What is better Call of Duty or medal of honor?

call of duty is better than medal of honor. they said people liked medal of honor better than call of duty 2 and 1 but now call of duty 3 4 5 6 are WAY better. now cod 7 is out and cod 8 is coming out soon and some cods have cod zombies cod 7 does so cod wins