Is snoopdogg fake

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Q: Is snoopdogg fake
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How old is snoopdogg?

49 Years old because i am Snoop Dogg

Did Snoopdogg crimes?


What is SnoopDogg's wife's name?

Shante Broadus

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How long snoopdogg benn rapping for?

23 years

Who is world best rapper?

2 pac, biggie smalls, eminem, dr.dre, Jay Z, krs-one, and snoopdogg

Who is better snoopdogg or Jay-Z?

Well this is an opinion question, so there will be different answers. For me,Jay-ZFor me, it would be TUPAC, because he was an old school legend

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Fake (verb) To fake your death. Fingir. He fakes - el finge Fake (Verb) To fake some one out. Engañar (fool/deceive) Fake (Noun/adjective) This is a fake. This is a fake diamond. Falso (false)

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