Is there a namikaze clan

Updated: 9/16/2023
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It has not yet been revealed that there is a Namikaze clan, but mostly not since the 4th hokage has to be from the Senju clan. In the latest manga chapters, Tobi (Madara Uchiha) says that he senses Senju blood in Naruto, and it can't be from his mother because she is from the former land of Whirlpool. So there is mostly no Namikaze clan.

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Q: Is there a namikaze clan
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Who is stronger namikaze clan Uchiha or sinjo clan?

first of all, its senju, not sinju, otherwise, remember that the namikaze isn't actually a clan, and uchiha and senju are about equal. if namikaze were a clan though, they would be strongest due to the flying thunder god technique.

Is there a kamikaze clan in Naruto?

No there is a Namikaze aka Uzumaki clan

Which clan is the stronger hyga clan or uciha clan or namikaze clan or hatake clan or Uzumaki clan or hoshigaki clan?

uzamaki,uchiha and hyuuga

Is minato namikaze from the senju clan?

Simple answer. Nobody knows for sure yet.

Why doesn't naruto have his dad's last name?

Because his father thought that he have enough bad attention for having the nani tailed fox in him that is would make his life worse because people might think stuff like you killed your father or other questions like that? Another reason would be because that Uzumaki was the clan and Kishimoto called the three of them the UZUMAKI family, NOT the NAMIKAZE....... in other words, Minoto joined the Uzumaki's, Kushina DIDN'T join the Namikaze....... Namikaze wasn't a clan, it never once stated that Namikaze was a clan, as such, Naruto is Uzumaki Naruto, NOT Namikaze

Can be naruto Uzumaki or 4th Hokages clan?

Yondaime Hokage (the 4th Hokage)'s full name is Minato Namikaze. Yondaime is his place in line (4th). Hokage is his title (leader of the Hidden Leaf). Minato is his first name and Namikaze is his last or surname.

Why is naruto last name is uzomaki while his dads last name is kamikazy?

Minato Namikaze (Fourth Hokage) was a great hero of the Third Great Ninja War. He assassinated many Iwagakure shinobi, and therefore had many enemies. That is why Naruto's surnname is his mother's rather than his father's; if Iwa knew that he was the Fourth's son, they would probably try and kiddnap him.

What is the Namikaze clan?

The Namekaze clan has the Unlimitor keka genki. Because of it Naruto is able to learn whatever is taught to him in a very short amount of time. There is a story about the Unlimitor keka genki, that because of it the Sharingan was created. The story starts out like this there was once a clan that was said to have no special abilities. This was the Namikaze clan. What everyone else didn't know was that this clan had a special ability to learn whatever was taught to them. One day a amn from the Hyuga clan got suspisous and started snooping around. He found out about the Unlimitor and tried to replicate it however the founder of the Namikaze clan had worked of the keka genki for over 50 years, but the Hyuga man only spent 7. As a result he created the Uchiha clan. Scince he hadn't spen alot of time on the Sharingan it wasn't done well. Becuase of that instead of learning quickly and forgeting useless information, whatever someone with the Sharingan looked at he/she would learn all about and not forget the useless things so eventually they would go crazy and finally their heads would blow up. THE END

Is minato namikaze alive?

Minato Namikaze is not alive.

Who is Kakashi namikaze?

There isn't a Kakashi Namikaze. Kakashi's last name is Hatake. However, his team leader, Minato, his last name was Namikaze.

What is narutos fathers name?

His father's name was Minato Namikaze,

What clan does Naruto belong to?

naruto is from a clan called the uzamaki clan they had great fuin jutsus and were feared by some other clans or people they were almost destroyed so the uzamaki clan is spreaded out through out the ninja world and the uzamaki clan and the senju clan are very close and the same i guess they are kinda alike mostly and great friends well now lets see whats gonna happen since naruto learned how to use the nine tailed fox enjoy the manga people