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It depends which country you are on about.

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Q: Is there an alternate channel for Friday night smack down?
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What channel on dish network is Friday night smack down on?

Channel 105

What channel will Friday night smack down come out in Houston?

If you mean what channel will it be on,then it is syfy in America so i guess that.

What channel does WWE NXT come on in direct tv?

Monday night raw is on channel 242. Friday night Smack down is on channel 244.

Is the owner of Friday night smack down dead?

no he is not dead

Why did they change smackdown to a differment channel to cw and aslo is their a way to change it back to channel 9?

No there is no way to change it back. Beginning Oct 3 Friday Night Smack down will be on the network MYTV

How long is WWE Friday night smack-down?

once on a Friday or Sunday.there are replays though

Is r truth really dead?

he is not really dead he is on Friday night smack down

Do they show reruns of Friday night smack down on Saturday?

Yes, and I believe it Is either UHD or Syfy again.

What are the forces for a CD player that is crushed?

booyaka booyaka 619 you guys better watch Friday night smack down every Friday at 8:00p.m

Where to watch WWE in the Netherlands?

monday night raw friday night smack down tuesday night next thats on skrifi Tuesday and saterday Night TNA 10 pm

What channel is Friday night smack down on Comcast?

My cousin watches it all the time and we have com-cast the channel on com-cast is channel well i cant get a hold of my cousin right now but my uncle aka his dad thinks its 10,57,58 I'm really sorry ill update this answer when he gets back !! in the meantime i hope you find it !!

Why isn't Theodore Long gm of Friday night smack down anymore?

I think they wanted to put the spotlight on Vickie Guerrero.