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that is unknown but my opinion is he can beat up deidara or deidara can use his stupid explosive jutsu


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Q: Is there anyone in the akatsuki that orochimaru can beat?
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How old was Sasori when he was paired up with Orochimaru in Akatsuki?

Sasori was in his 20s when paired with Orochimaru.

Which member of the Akatsuki has had more than 2 subordinates?

Orochimaru... i think.

Are Akatsuki Perverts?

No, Despite Scott Ransoomir's rather humorous commentary on "why orochimaru got kicked out of Akatsuki" they have not desplayed such behaviour.

Who is the friend of the father of naruto that became akatsuki?

Minato has no friend that became a member of Akatsuki.. only Jiraiya's friend (Orochimaru). None of Minato friend joined Akatsuki.

Who is the last one to die from the akatsuki?

The latest one to die was Kisame (or Konan, but she defected from Akatsuki), but Zetsu and Obito is still alive (and Orochimaru since he once were an Akatsuki)

Does Kabuto as Orochimaru bring back the akatsuki to Madara Uchiha?

Yes he does but not as orochimaru He has control over oro's powers inside his body

Who replaced Orochimaru after he quits the Akatsuki?

He wasn't replaced because he kept his ring

Who was orochimaru's partner when he was in the akatsuki?

SPOILER ALERT Depends on what you are asking. His partner in the Akatsuki is Kisame Hoshigaki. I assume that is what you mean.

How did the 5 akatsuki revived?

Kabuto now has powers like orochimaru did and can do the reanimation jutsu

What is the name of the snake guy in Naruto?

his name is orochimaru and he was team mates with tsunade and jyriia i hope that helped

Is orochimaru part of the akatski?

He was a former member before he was kicked out of the Akatsuki. He betrayed them. He was greedy for power.

Does the Akatsuki get kyubi out of Naruto?

no... naruto is the strongest charcter (ninja) in the ninja world