Is water bending real or fake?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: Is water bending real or fake?
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Is blood bending real?

no it's not real neither is fire water air earth. or if you don't believe me go to learn fire water earth air bending to learn.

Is water bending real?

You cannot bend any element. It is physically impossible.

Is there video proof of people bending air water fire and earth?

well some people say they're real but some people don't say they're real. I don't realy know if they are real becuause the videos people make are all fake sorry i s this is not help :-(

How do you tell if you E Gordon West water colour is real or fake?


How do you spot real silver?

put it in water and if it rusts then its fake and if it doesnt then its real :)

Please Give a site that teaches water bending?

This is NOT real. It is made up and people can NOT do this.

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You want to be a water bender but how?

I hate to break this to you but water-bending is not real. The bending in Avatar are based as an old Chinese martial art known as Kung Fu. the motions are close but they do not lift water, earth, fire, or air.

Is bloodbending real?

Bloodbanding is when a waterbender, when strengthened during a full moon, bends the water in someone else's body, and controls his or her movements.

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Mermaid real or fake?

Fake, not real.