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Q: Order structures from ingestion to elimination?
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What are the four stages of processing food that occur in the human body?

The four stages of processing food in the human body are ingestion (taking in food), digestion (breaking down food into nutrients), absorption (absorbing nutrients into the bloodstream), and elimination (removing waste).

What are the 4 jobs of the digestion system?

Ingestion, digestion, absorption, and elimination.

What are 3 structures involved in ingestion?

Teeth, Salivary Glands, Esophagus

What happens to a sandwich when you eat it relative to events occurring in ingestion digestion absorption and elimination?

Well...It goes down the toilet.

What are the two stages of digestive?

ingestion, digestion, absorption, and elimination (haha that's 4 not 2, but hope it answers your question)

What are the functions of the major organs in the ailmentary canal?

Ingestion (mouth) Digestion (mouth, stomach, small intestine, liver/gallbladder) Absorption (small intestine) Elimination (large intestine)

Which kingdom or supergroup is characterized by organisms that are heterotrophic by ingestion?

The answer is the Kingdom Animalia. This kingdom is characterized by organisms that are heterotrophic, meaning they obtain nutrients by ingesting other organisms or organic matter. Animals have specialized structures for ingestion, digestion, and absorption of nutrients.

In which order are the organic functions most likely to occur?

Ingestion --> Digestion --> Absorption

What system includes all body process related to food?

The digestive system includes all body processes related to food, including ingestion, digestion, absorption of nutrients, and elimination of waste.

How long does soma carisoprodol stay in your system?

Soma (carisoprodol) has a half-life elimination of 2.4 hours. The active metabolite meprobamate has a half-life elimination of 10 hours -- in healthy individuals. Usually, compounds and their metabolites are detectable in urine for 5 (five) half-lives. So, carisoprodol is detectable in urine for 50+ hours after ingestion.

Can you list the contestants in order of elimination on I love money 2?

myaame wins

What does ingestion refer to?

Ingestion is the consumption of something.