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He is not Kofi kingston..but he is coming to the WWE

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Q: Ron the truth killings is come to WWE?
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Is rtuth married in WWE?

No. r- truth or Ron Killings is not married what-so-ever

Was r truth in the WWE before?

He went to TNA as Ron 'The Truth' Killings where he won the nwa title a few times. Then he went back to wwe as R-Truth.

When is Ron killings going to debut in WWE?

Promo's have started airing for the debut of Ron Killings [ his new name in the WWE is R-Truth ] to appear on SmackDown, although no set date has been made yet.

Why doesn't Ron Killings come to WWE?

Ron killings was in wwe back when it was called wwf he went by the name k-kwik and he was partnered with the road dogg but he was released from his contract in 2001 NEW UPDATE: Ron killings just singed a new deal to leave tna for wwe and will be debuting sometime this year

You heard Ron killings is returning to the WWE is this true?

YEs is with WWE

What is WWE r-truths real name?

Ron Killings

What other names did r truth wrestle under?

He was K Krush & Ron Killings in TNA & also debuted in WWE as K Kwik as far as I know

What is R-Truths name?

Ronald "Ron" Killings is the real name of R Truth. He is currently wrestling in WWE with the name R Truth. He was previously wrestling for Total Nonstop Action TNA promotion

Will ron killings return to WWE?

Ron Killings is the wrestler who plays the character of R-Truth. He was injured a couple of months ago by his tag team partner Miz and was out for a while. Recently he returned to active wrestling and even competed in the Royal Rumble PPV. He has revived his rivalry with Miz and is expected to continue it.

Does WWE ron killings smoke?

No not anymore he quit like 4 or 5 years ago

Will Ron Killings be in WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2009?

Probably, but since he debuted last week, I doubt it.

When did R Truth come to WWE?

2001 or 2002