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Q: Sams is supposed to be so tough why didn't she fight Shelby Marks?
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Who picked Carly's fight in the iCarly movie ifight shelby marks?

who picked carly's fight in the icarly movie i fight shelby marx

What iCarly show is the most popular?

I fight shelby marks

What episode come on the DVD i fight shelby marks?

The episode that comes with it is the space i Cary one

Did the icarly move you fight celby marks come out yet?

The episode ifight shelby marx did come out. It's just on the second season of icarly.

Who was supposed to be in the first super smash brothers?

all i know is that dedede was supposed to but there was time problems.there were supposed to be others to,but i don't know,the only one who was supposed to be in the first one that didnt already join in the fight was meowth the Pokemon

What is the schedule for all the screenings of ifight shelby marx?

The i fight shelby marx has already happened.

Who wins in ifight shelby marx?

no one, it's just a fake fight but then shelby marx got mad by Carly pushing her grandmother down. Nevel did that. So in the fight, shelby marx was talking real.

What happens in iFight Shelby Marx?

Carly had said that she can fight shelby marx anytime anywhere so shelby didn't get mad and at the press conference the news put on the T.V that Carly takeld shelby's grandma and now shelby wants to destroy Carly's face!

What is he common noun in the sentence Shelby did not want to get into a fight but she disliked his suggestion?

She and his

Did Victoria Justice use to fight?

No. Victoria Justice never fought. If your think about the episode of iCarly, iFight Shelby Marks, She never fought. She was doing Stage Acting, Fighting that looks real but isn't. I hope this answer helped.-- LiveitLoveitAK --

Who won in iCarly you fight shelby marx?

Carly won as she just hung onto Shelby's legs so she couldn't punch her as she was so scared.

What is an icarly episode where Carly has a fight with someone in the arena?

That episode is called iFight Shelby Marx. It guest stars Victoria Justice as Shelby Marx.