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Simple answer, no. It's totally pointless and unnecessary - wearing boxers as well just adds another layer you don't need.

If it's to do with confidence, then you need to just pluck up the courage and wear the briefs on their own. If you think someone's going to make a comment the chances are they wont and, if they do, all you need to do is ask them quite why they're looking at your package and if it really matters what underwear you're wearing.

I worried about this when I changed from boxers to briefs and it was only because I forgot my PE kit that I got over my fear. Usually I would wear boxers on top of my briefs for PE but one day I packed the wrong stuff so I had to borrow kit and do it wearing just my briefs. No one mentioned anything and I was so relieved because I'd been worrying so much. After that, I got the confidence to do wear my briefs all the time because I knew that no-one cared what I was wearing.

So just pluck up some courage and wear your briefs because nothing bad is going to happen. :)

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Q: Should you wear your boxers on top of your briefs?
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