Was wwf real

Updated: 9/27/2023
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There has been reports it is fake. Nobody really know 100% for sure if it is or was fake or real.

June 2010 - I know 100% that the story lines and some of the moves are real but not applied with enough strength to actually hurt you.

No because all the matches are rehearsed before the actual match. each wrestler is amazing acrobats

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In away it is fake. some of the things that happen on wwf, ecw, tnt, wwe are just for show . for exmple Kane and lita being married and the baby. are just storyline. In real life glen Jacobs aka Kane is married to a lady that is not on wwe. He also has a kid with her. not ever thing on tv is real. lita and Matt hardy in real life did have a relationship, for a few years. that part is ture. Another exmple is that Kane and the Undertaker are not brothers. It is just for show. Matt and Jeff Hardy are real brothers. that is ture. another storyline on wwe is that lita and edge are not married. just another plot. They put these storys in wwe so more people will witch and to keep you wondering what will happen next. WWE IS JUST A SHOW.

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Q: Was wwf real
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Is wwf real?

it is fake like [beep]

What are the release dates for The Real World - 1992 WWF is in the House?

The Real World - 1992 WWF is in the House was released on: USA: 6 August 1992

What is wwf's ballsmahonys real name?

mark mahony

What is the goon's real name 'from wwf?

Barney Irwin

Is wwf is real or fake?

wwf is clearly fake. you can go on youtube andd check it out. [ i met vince McMahon andhe actually told me wwf/wwe is fake]

Is the fighting In WWF real?

personally to me no for reasons such as if they bleed where are the cuts?

List of wwf legends real names?

There are too many to name.

Is WWF Kane and Undertaker brothers?

Only as part of the plot. Not in real life.

Was WWE real at one time?

yes, it was wwf ,back then like hulk hogen

Is Mexican wrestling real?

Lucha Libre is as real as it gets hundred times better than watered down WWF products

Why did wrestlemaina 1-16 did not have real themes?

because that was the wwf error and then wwf got sued by word widld life funds(wwf too)so they started from scratch making a totsly new error.they lost over 100mill in that court case.

What was the first match in wwf?

it was me vs your fat old mama if you thought that was real your a fat old loser !