What are legendary six samurai?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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The legendary Six Samurai are a new archtype in the yugioh card game world that are coming out in the storm of ragnarok booster pack coming out feburary,9,2011 if you play yugioh with six samurais you should get these cards

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Q: What are legendary six samurai?
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What is the legendary six samurai and six samurai?

The Six Samurai are a series of Yu-Gi-Oh monsters representing a famous band of samurai warriors, as well as a few associated characters like their grandmaster. Legendary Six Samurai are the previous generation of Six Samurai, and you can see that they still exist in the present time, ie, Legendary Six Samurai Shi En -> Great Shogun Shien, Legendary Six Samurai Enishi -> Enishi - Shien's Chancellor, Legendary Six Samurai Kageki -> Chamberlain of the Six Samurai, Legendary Six Samurai Mizuho -> Hand of the Six Samurai, Legendary Six Samurai Shinai -> Spirit of the Six Samurai, Legendary Six Samurai Kizan -> Grandmaster of the Six Samurai.

Does six samurai magic and trap cards work for legendary six samurai monsters?

When a card refers to a 'Six Samurai' monster, it means any monster with the words "Six Samurai" in the name. Therefore those cards will affect monsters such as Hand of the Six Samurai, and the 'Legendary Six Samurai' monsters.

Can somebody rate your six samurai drck?

Monsters: legendary six samurai - enishi (1) kagemusha of the six samurai (1) witch of the black forest (1) shien's squire (2) legendary six samurai - shinai (3) the six samurai - kamon (1) marauding captain (2) legendary six samurai - kageki (2) legendary six samurai - mizuho (2) freed the matchless warrior (2) spells reinforcement of the army (3) the warrior returning alive (3) last will (2) six strike - triple impact (2) legendary ebon steed (1) shiens castle of mist (1) pot of greed (1) wicked-breaking flamberge - baou (1) monster reborn (1) sogen (1) united we stand (1) traps trap jammer (1) trap hole (2) backs to the wall (2) covering fire (1) swift samurai storm (1) extras x - saber urbellum (1) gaia knight - force of earth (1) proxies hand of the six samurai (2) grandmaster of the six samurai (2) double edged sword technique (2) shiens smoke signal (3) legendary six samurai - enishi (2) (then the other six samurai monster i forgot his name) (3)

Can 'legendary six samurai shi en' use its effect to not be destroyed when the effect of 'elemental hero absolute zero' successfully activates?

No. The Six Samurai protective effect can't be used to protect a Six Samurai monster from an effect that would be destroying all of the Six Samurai monsters simultaneously.

Can 'Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En' use its effect to not be destroyed when the effect of 'Elemental Hero Absolute Zero' successfully activates?

The short answer is no, Legendary Six Samurai - Shi Encannot use its effect to destroy another face-up "Six Samurai" monster you control to save itself from Elemental Hero Absolute Zero's effect.The reason for this is the same for any "Six Samurai" monster that has the same effect: If all of your "Six Samurai"monsters would be simultaneously destroyed by a card effect, you cannot activate _________'s effect to destroy another "Six Samurai" monster instead.

In Yu-Gi-Oh what is a good six samurai deck?

The abillity to special summon each other. And shyncro for shien. And its just a really fast deck. All tho the regular six sams are not as good as the legendary ones even tho there effects are better! They can't special summon each other

Can Legendary Six Samurai Shi En destroy Fusion Gate when Fusion Gate is played but its effect is not used yet in Yu-Gi-Oh?

The effect of Legendary Six Samurai Shi En can only negate the initial activation of a Spell/Trap card. If you're asking if you can negate Fusion Gate as soon as your opponent activates it, and before he can use its effect, then the answer is yes.

Do six samurai decks need to run elder of the six samurai?

It's not necessary

What is the duration of Six-String Samurai?

The duration of Six-String Samurai is 1.52 hours.

When was Six-String Samurai created?

Six-String Samurai was created on 1998-08-25.

When was Six-String Samurai released?

Six-String Samurai was released on 09/18/1998.

What was the Production Budget for Six-String Samurai?

The Production Budget for Six-String Samurai was $2,000,000.