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Booker Tio Hoffman or Booker T went by several different names through his Wrestling career on WCW, WWE, and TNA. Booker T's other aliases included G.I. Bro, Kole, Booker, Book-man, and King Booker.

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Q: What are some aliases of Booker T wrestler?
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When was Booker T - wrestler - born?

Booker T - wrestler - was born on 1965-05-01.

What is the wrestler Booker T doing?

Booker T does not wrestle, he is a commentator

How old is wrestler Booker T?

Former WWE wrestler Booker T (Booker Tio Huffman, Jr.) is 52 years old in 2018 (born March 1, 1965). * Booker T. Jones (Booker T and the MGs) is 73 years old in 2017 (born November 12, 1944).

Has there been a black wrestler who beat The Undertaker?

The Rock and Booker T have.

Were was Booker t born?

If you are looking for the former WWE wrestler, he is a texan, and he was born in Houston, Texas. But if your looking for Booker T washington... I don't know

Who is Robert huffman?

He is a wrestler who is on TNAwrestling now, but he used to be with WWE. He has had two names while wrestling: Booker T, King Booker during WWE and then he started TNA and went back to Booker T.

What was the Booker t Washington views about industrial education?

he is a wrestler and he said can you dig it sucka

What happened to the wrestler The Pain?

he proubly went to tna like Kurt angle and Booker t

What’s Booker T Washington beliefs?

he believed he was the best wrestler in the world after he beat the bigshow

What are the release dates for Profile with Greg Scheinman - 2009 Booker T Legendary Professional Wrestler 1-4?

Profile with Greg Scheinman - 2009 Booker T Legendary Professional Wrestler 1-4 was released on: USA: 30 July 2009

What happened to Booker t?

The wrestler best known as Booker T is now semi-retired and is a color commentator on WWE Raw (taking Jerry Lawler's place, who has moved to Smackdown).

Did a wrestler ever go to jail?

M.VP. & Booker T Went To Prison i think r truth went to prison