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Edge and Lita are retired pro wrestlers for WWE. They were most famous for a supposedly real, 'live' sex scene that happened in the middle of the ring on Monday Night Raw.

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Q: What are the couple Edge and Lita famous for?
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Did Edge make out with Lita?

yes lita and edge make out.

Did Lita see edge dick?

I am not sure but i have heard edge is married so noAnsweredge WAS married with val venis' wife Answerur mad lita vill screw Kane. and she will go with edge iwill bet. AnswerIt's all based on real life events. Lita was Matt Hardy's real-life girlfriend. Edge and Lita had a real-life affair and this seems to be being portrayed onscreen with Kane, Lita and Edge. Rather Tasteless really. I don't know if Edge and Lita are still seeing each other, I doubt it though.Answer ya, lita had an apparently "one time affair" with Edge in real life. Matt spoke out on his website about it, and was fired, and slapped with a cannot wrestle or join other organization thing, that's why you haven't seen Matt hardy around :(Answergo on then its got all the wwe superstars its got edge in it find Edge w/Lita clink on it and it will say in Marital Status Now seeing Amy Dumas (Lita). 0AnseerYes it is true that edge and lita were having an affair while edge was married to val venis's sister and while lita was going out with Matt hardy! If you go on youtube and type in the byte this with lita she explains and talks about the whole thing IT IS NOT SCRIPTED....when writers of the show got a hold of what was going on outside the ring between edge,lita, and Matt they decided to use it in the show which is why a lot of people think its a written those arguments they have in all the interviews is true emotion!! Lita and edge did go out while the 2 were with different ppl, so lita cheated on Matt and egde cheated on his wife. does anyone know why edge and lita broke up? please tell me!!ANSWERno they weren't. it couldn't of have been real...maybe. but lasts years hall of fame had edge and his wife. they would of been broken up! and his wife didnt look like lita at all!

Why were edge and lita stil together even though Matt hardy was on smackdown?

Because They Were Actually A Couple Outside Of The WWE

Why lita and edge broke up?

WWE used real life affair between Edge and Lita as a storyline for television. However they were never married on television or off. Only Edge and Lita know why they really broke up in real life.

Did lita ever had it with edge?


Does edge have children with lita?


Is edge married to lita?

As of now, Edge and Lita are not affiliated to one another in WWE

Who is WWE edge dating?


Did Lita the wrestler marry edge?


Who was edge's girlfriend in raw?


Did lita and edge do it in the ring?

No they did not, they were pretending

Who is lita married to?

Lita is married to Edge (Adam Copelan) and Kane (Glenn Jacob).