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rat foley and bogey foley

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Q: What are the name of mick foleys kids?
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Mick foley's real name?

mick foleys real name is mick francis foley

Who sings mick foleys entrance music?

your mom sings mick foleys entrance music

Name of Mick Foleys theme song?

Mick Foley's TNA theme song is called "Bang Bang" and is composed by Dale Oliver

Where can you download mick foleys theme song for free?


Who wrote mick foleys WWE entrance theme?

me lol

Where can you buy mick foleys barb wire ring?

TNA merchandiser shop

What were Mick Foleys charters in WWE?

mankind dude love and (my personal favorite) cactus jack

What happend to mick foleys ear?

He was wrestling in Japan and the ropes over there are rough, and it ripped it right of his head.

Where can you download mick foleys WWE music?

its on under wwe mobile Go to or try their forums.

Who was mick jagger's wife's name who had 4 kids?

Jerry Hall.

Does mick jagger have kids?

Yes, Mick Jagger has 8 kids.

What is the name of mick foleys book where it talks about Owen hart dying?

This incident was talked about in Mick Foley's autobiography titled "Have a Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks". This was Foley's first book which was published in 1999. Foley claims that Owen attempted to sit up after the fall and actually did before falling back.