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  1. education


  1. poverty

  2. violence

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Theme of poverty

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Q: What are the themes in the burdens by john ruganda?
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Was killing wamala tinka's fault in the play the burdens by john ruganda?

It was Tinka's fault as she nagged him so much.

What are the themes in John Ruganda's shreds of tenderness?

The Themes evident are : Corruption, abuse of power, change, political instability,

When was John Ruganda born?

John Ruganda was born in 1941.

When did John Ruganda die?

John Ruganda died in 2007.

What are the stylistic devices used in the floods of john ruganda?

What are the stylistic devices in the floods by john Ruganda

How did failure come to reality to destroy wamala in act 1 in the burdens by john ruganda?

In "The Burdens" by John Ruganda, failure in Act 1 plays out in Wamala's life due to his struggles with unemployment, financial difficulties, and strained relationships. The harsh realities of poverty and lack of opportunities contribute to his downfall, leading to a sense of hopelessness and despair. Ultimately, failure becomes a central theme in Wamala's character arc, showcasing the challenges faced by many individuals in a society marked by economic hardships and social inequality.

What are the character traits of Wamala and Tinka in the play The Burdens by John Ruganda?

wamala is a drunkard as her wife tinka tells us that he spends the whole night in night clubs while drinking.Wamala is also a nagging man as lives his family and spends the whole nights in clubs hence his family is in need of him.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Bearer of Burdens - 1913?

The cast of The Bearer of Burdens - 1913 includes: King Baggot as John Strong Jane Fearnley as Helen Foster

When was Burdens created?

Burdens was created in 2006.

Can I have a summary of the armful?

"The Armful" is a poem by Robert Frost that explores the idea of carrying burdens in life and the choice between keeping to oneself or sharing those burdens with others. The speaker struggles with carrying an armful of bundles and ultimately decides to let them go, highlighting themes of acceptance and relinquishing control.

What are the main themes in John Montagues poetry?

themes featured in John Montague's poetry: exile, relationships, isolation, love, cruelty

What is a sentence for burdens?

He has far too many burdens.The news burdens him more.