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Q: What does 'quit while you are ahead' means?
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What is the answer for hidden meaning brain teaser me Quit?

quit after me mabye

What should you do if you like a guy but he doesn't like you?

Quit while your ahead. Get over him

Is wearing thenative customs one way of preserving the customs and traditions?

no quit while your ahead

Can you receive benefits from two husbands?

If you can get benefits from one without giving him a built in drinking buddy, quit while you are ahead.

Does using HGH and steroids affect LFT numbers?

Yes, steroid certainly affect liver function. Quit while you're ahead.

Has jenny Lewis left primeval?

In the episode with the future fungus, her heart stop's beating, but the gang are able to resussitate her. But she decides to quit while she's ahead.

How can you edit of pjfarmercom?

If you owned it, you would know. As you don't, know or obviously own it, it can only be interpretted as an inept attempt to hack. Perhaps you should quit while you're ahead.

What does the Rebus puzzle ME QUIT mean?

It means "quit following me."

What does it mean if you 'quit somebody' as in the following statement - 'I don't quit opera master I quit you'?

Usually to "quit somebody" means to give up on them. So, when someone says they "quit you", that means they are done trying to help you or convince you of something.

What doescease means?

stop or quit

What does quit mean in English?

In english, the word "quit" means "to give up", or "to leave".

If you quit while on workers comp do you still qualify?

When you quit a job, the benefits stop immediately.