What does Raw Edge mean?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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It means something edgy

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Q: What does Raw Edge mean?
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In SD vs Raw do they Edge?

What do you mean? If Edge is in the game? Yes, he is in Smackdown vs Raw 2011, the latest game.

Who did WWE Raw trade Edge for off of Smackdown?

Raw traded Edge to Smackdown edge because of his attitude. In return Raw received CM Punk of the straight edge society.

Is edge coming back to raw or smack down?


Who was edge's girlfriend in raw?


What roster is edge on in the WWE?

Adam (Edge) Copeland, is currently on the RAW roster

Edge held a WWE title?

Edge has been a WWE champion on Raw.

Is edge on smack down or raw?

It can be on both.

Is Edge from Smackdown or Raw?

He's from Smackdown

What stitch is used to finish a raw edge with a sewing machine?

I am sure that the machine you need is an over locker machine to finish the raw edge. Hope this helps.

Is Edge on raw?

No The only reason he was on raw ws because he was unified take team champ

Who win raw elmation chamber?

john cena won raw edge won smackdown!

Will edge retire?

Yes Edge will retire and also he already did on 11th April 2011 on Raw