What does bomber le torse mean?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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"Bomber le torse" is the act of inflating the torso, while straightening up your upper body. This is often done to appear stronger and the common, figurative sense of "bomber le torse" is somewhere in between "strutting" and "saber-rattling", as you adopt a fierce or defiant attitude.

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Q: What does bomber le torse mean?
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What is le torse in English?

le torse is spelled torso in English.

What is torso in French?

in French torso is translated by "le buste" or "le torse"

Ou se trouve le coeur de la fourmi?

dans le torse

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bomber = le bombardier

What is the exact answer torse ou tete....for the question ou se trouve le coeur de la fourmi?

The question is where is the heart of the ant, and the choice of answers is the thorax or the head; the correct answer is torse, the thorax.

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- car trunk, or chest: un coffre (masc.) - elephant trunk: la trompe (fem.) - tree trunk: un tronc (masc.) - body part (torso) : le tronc / le torse (masc.)

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