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I'm not sure if this applies to all games, but in World of Warcraft it means you are open to player-verses-player. You can attack, and be attacked by, any player of the opposite faction (Alliance or Horde) at any given time. Many people do this to gain honor points which you can use to buy different rewards, however it's recommended to wait until you gain enough levels so you don't get creamed. ;)

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Q: What does it mean when you are flagged for PVP?
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What is pve?

PvE stands for Player versus Environment. This is when you are attacking and killing mobs, bosses, animals, living plant type thingies. Anything that you are fighting that is an NPC (Non-Player Character) is PvE. PvP on the other hand, is when you are fighting other subscribers of the opposite faction (or your own faction in a duel or certain mini-zones in the world) that have the PvP flag enabled. On PvE Servers, you are not flagged for PvP unless you enable it manually, attack a city guard in a city that you are at war with, enter certain zones, or attack a player that is PvP flagged themselves. You can also get flagged for PvP by healing or resurrecting someone that is PvP flagged. If you are auto-flagged for PvP with one the scenarios above, it will go away after 5 minutes of non-PvP activity. If you take a flightpath while PvP flagged, you will be un-flagged immediately, and stay un-flagged when you land. On PvP servers, you are basically flagged for PvP all the time while you are out in the world.

In the plagueland in the game World of Warcraft do you just stand at the towers to capture them?

You have to be flagged PVP and the tower has to be flagged for the enemy when you start: if someone on your side already changed the towers over, go do something else, let the other team get it, then come back.

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What does PvP mean in banking?

PvP in finance means 'Payment vs Payment', a method used to settle transactions. The opposite of PvP is DvP (Delivery vs Payment)

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pvp san

What area can you pvp?

There are several types of Player vs Player combat available in World of Warcraft. The biggest one is Battlegrounds. Battlegrounds are instanced areas specifically for PvP. They can be accessed either by going to a Battlemaster in Orgrimmar or Stormwind, or by using the PvP interface by hitting the H button (by default) and selecting the battleground that you want. There is also arenas that level 80 characters can join. Arenas are like battlegrounds, but on a much smaller scale. There are brackets for 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 teams. You must be in an arena team to participate in the rated arenas, although you can join practice arenas without being in a team i believe. The last type PvP is World PvP. This is the least common type on PvE servers. There are PvP servers made specifically for PvP players. World PvP happens nearly anywhere/anytime no matter what level you are when you are on PvP servers. On PvE servers, world PvP happens only when someone gets flagged going through certain zones like Wintergrasp, or is doing a PvP quest that will autoflag you as PvP.

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