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Q: What fighting style use hand to hand and weapon combat?
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What were Maori clubs used for in combat?

Rākau Māori (Māori weaponry) was designed for hand-to-hand combat. In battle it was common for toa (warriors) to take a long handled weapon such as a taiaha (long-handled fighting staff) and a short weapon such as a patu (club) tucked into a belt.

What did fighting in the trenches involve?

Hand to Hand combat

What was medieval knight fighting style?

Medieval knights were trained in various fighting styles, including mounted combat with weapons such as swords, lances, and maces, as well as hand-to-hand combat with shields and armor. They typically used techniques like thrusting, slashing, and grappling to defeat their opponents in battle. Knights were skilled in the art of swordsmanship and practiced diligently to improve their combat abilities.

What is hand to hand combat called?

Hand to hand combat is the engagement of two or more combatants without the use of a firearm. this includes sword fighting, karate, etc,.

Was there any CQB or close quarters combat in the American civil war?

Don't know but first off CQB stands for Close Quarters Battle not Close Quarters Combat that's a hand to hand fighting style used by spec ops all over the world

What fo you call a dagger-like a weapon that is attached to the endo of a gun and is used in a hand to hand combat?

It is called a bayonet

What has the author Paul Maslak written?

Paul Maslak has written: 'What the masters know' -- subject(s): Hand-to-hand fighting, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Hand-to-hand fighting 'Strategy in unarmed combat' -- subject(s): Hand-to-hand fighting, Self-defense

What sword is better Chinese sword or Roman sword?

Every sword is better with its distinct qualities and has different purposes. The Roman Sword is meant for close fight in combat and used with shield. The Chinese sword is for one to two hand sword use, it has a much longer blade for a longer reach. The quality of both swords depends on who make it. Which one is good in a combat is depends on the fighting style of the warrior using the weapon.

What is a nulla nulla made of?

Aboriginal weapon: an Australian Aboriginal club made of hardwood and used as a weapon

How good a weapon is a cheap tire iron?

A weapon for what? Excellent I would think in hand to hand combat, but not if your attacker has a gun or if you run across a bear while hiking. I think that you need to evaluate the circumstances in which you might need a weapon and go from there.

What is a cage fight?

A cage fight is an individual duel in cage fighting - hand-to-hand combat in a usually steel cage.

What has the author Leonard Holifield written?

Leonard Holifield has written: 'Close-quarter combat' -- subject(s): Hand-to-hand fighting