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None. He only taught him to break out of a genjutsu

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Q: What genjutsu did jyraia teach Naruto?
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What is the best genjutsu for Nine tailed naruto?

i dont think nine tailed naruto can do genjutsu

Is naruto a ninjutsu or genjutsu?

No, Naruto does not use genjutsu. He uses ninjutsu and taijutsu while he is training/in combat.

Can you have genjutsu?

Unfortunately for you, the idea of "Genjutsu" is from Naruto, which is, sadly, a fictional comic and show. So, no, you cannot have genjutsu. You can haz cheezburger though :D

Can Naruto use the Sharingan?

No, if you've seen all the episodes, you know he can't. In Part II it refered back to Naruto's training when he asked for Jiriaya if he could teach him genjutsu. Jiraya said he'd have to know five senes(something like that). Naruto said he didn't get it. Jiriaya then said genjutsu just isn't for him. Hope that helps.

What is the sunset genjutsu on Naruto?

The Sunset Genjutsu is a term used to reference the sunset that appears behind Rock Lee and Might Guy when they get overly 'youthful'.

Is saskue powerful or Naruto?

Sauske is powerful in genjutsu and his amertatsu but the genjutsu would not work on naruto because the 9 tails would wake him and go balistic like usual (like killer bee did) but naruto has combo and tons of clones and sauske most likely not use the amertatsu on naruto but naruto can use sage mode later on so tbh rasengan sage mode 9 tail fox i belive naruto is stronger

Is Naruto stronger in sage mode?

Yes. Sage mode increases the strength of all ninjutsu, genjutsu, and taijutsu of the user

Who is shisui in naruto Shippuden?

Itachi's friend, a fellow Uchiha. Wielder of the powerful Sharingan-based genjutsu attack- Izanagi.

Does Rock Lee learn any Genjutsu in Naruto Shippuden?

No. Lee Rock learns only Taijutsu throughout the series.

What did itachi give naruto?

something to free sasuke from mandaras influens my quess is mesage to him with genjutsu + some short of power

What episode does Naruto teach rasengan to Konohamaru and why did Naruto teach him it?

Sometime during Season 1 - 3

How do you do a real Justsu from Naruto?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but you can't really do jutsu from Naruto. Well not Genjutsu, or Ninjutsu. Magical powers like that don't really happen like that, or at all, well, atleast in our world. (;