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She was released from WWE one day earlier on April 22, having pre-taped her SmackDown match. According to James, WWE explained the decision as due to desiring to move in a new direction with their women's division.

In November 2013, James received a phone call from WWE Talent Relations, asking James whether she was interested in working with NXT developmental female talent. James took the offer and became a guest trainer at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida for a week, training the NXT Divas. James also attended that week's live NXT event in Tampa, Florida.

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i don't think so but she took a break to work on her singing career, i don't know who would want to be a singer over a wrestler (besides half the roster) but that's a different story...

She was released be cause she was late all the time.

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Will mickey james ever come back to wwe

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Q: What happened to Mickey James on WWE?
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No she is not!! She also no longer works for the WWE due to bad attitude problems.

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yes she is on tna impact she was so much better in wwe

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Mickey James is 28. She was born August 31, 1979.

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Mickie Laree James is an American professional wrestler signed to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) appearing on its Raw brand. She currently resides in Aylett Virginia. She is a former Womens champion in WWE

What is WWE mickey James real name?

mickie James's name is mickie laree James if any one says it's alexis laree thay are WRONG! go check on wiki if you do not belive me

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it's called obsession, but im sorry i dont kow who sings it. There aren't any words, it's by Jim Johnston. He does a lot of the music for the WWE.