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Well; it depends on the location and the knife. Some areas allow carry of certain length knives while other areas allow no carry at all.

In the areas where knife carry is permitted..the people carrying them would find a knife when they need one while everybody else would be forced to make do with what they have or either borrow one-such as on specific jobs or tasks.

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Q: What happens to people that carry a knife?
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Is it legal to carry a knife?

Of course not! People carry pocket knives a lot. Why shouldn't they be able to carry around steak knives, butter knives, butcher knives, or penknives?

Can you carry a kabar knife with a 7 inch blade on your belt in Texas?

yes you can as long as you don't conceal it and treaten people with it your fine. I carry my SOA knife all the time and no one bothers me

Is it legal for a minor to carry a knife in MA And I am not differentiating between a Swiss Army knife or a switchblade just a knife in general.?

it is legal to carry a knife there but not switchblade or butterfly.

What are the Kentucky knife laws?

Knife laws in Kentucky are as follows. A knife is considered a concealed deadly weapon if it is kept in your pocket or other area where the object is covered. You may carry a Ordinary pocket knife / hunting knife on your person and in your pocket by law. Though no law exists defining ordinary pocket knife / hunting knife leading people to be charged anyways. Balisong's and switchblades are not specifically prohibited by law but are frowned upon. To carry your knife unconcealed you may carry it in a knife sheath that is on your belt with your shirt not covering it. You may also carry your knife in your pocket if it is in the box and you have the receipt on you. -Information Derived from - Personal experience and arrest for carrying a concealed deadly weapon.

Does Ross Lynch carry a pocket knife?

Ross Lynch does carry a pocket knife, but doesn't talk about it.

Is it legal to carry a butterfly knife in Iowa?

No, it is illegal to carry a butterfly knife in Iowa. Iowa law prohibits the carrying, display, or use of such knives.

Is it legal to carry a bowie knife and what are the laws regarding carrying a bowie knife in my car within easy reach in Maryland?


In Oklahoma what is the legal blade length for a fixed blade knife?

What is the legal length of a knife can you carry in the state of Oklahoma? What is the legal length of a knife can you carry in the state of Oklahoma?

What is the thing that is used to carry knives?

A sheath is used to carry a knife; if the knife is very large, this might be called a scabbard.

Can you concealed carry in France?

No. Handguns and other weapons are strictly controlled and with very few exceptions, people are not allowed to carry or even detain firearms in France.

Can you carry a knife on your motorcycle in AZ?

It is perfectly legal to carry most knives while on your motorcycle in the state of Arizona. However if you intend to carry a large knife, like a hunting knife in a concealed manner, you will need a permit.

Is it legal to carry a knife in Halifax?

No. ^_^