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The real name of the wrestler/actor known as "The Rock" is Dwayne Douglas Johnson.

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Q: What is THE ROCK from the wrestling match real name?
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Why can't the wrestling federations conduct a real wrestling match at Wrestlemania or even every week?

It is real, but it is choreographed and scripted but everthing is done real, its called sports entertainment for a reason. People probablu find it way more entertaining than a real wrestling match. Yeah, sport's entertainment is complete different from high school / college wrestling. It would bore WWE fans to death to watch a "real" wrestling match.

Did chris Jericho and goldberg get in a real fight while wrestling?

"While wrestling" as in during a match? No, they got in a real fight backstage.

Is wrestl er the rock already dead?

No, the wrestler The Rock is not dead. His real name is Dwayne Johnson, and he didn't only do wrestling he also does movies such as Tooth Fairy and Doom.

What is miz real name from wrestling?

The Miz's real name is Mike Mizanin.

Why is the rock's name the rock?

his real name is infact Dwayne Johnson the name the rocks come from the way that he acted like nothing hurts him

Was the wrestling match between Lesnar and Cena real fighting at WWE Extreme Rules?

Im not sure but the way brock was beating the crap out of cena, i think that match was real. I dunno.

What is captain CHARISMA real name?

Christian...and his real non-wrestling name is Jason Reso

Is Ashley from wrestling real name Ashley?

Yes, in real life, her name is Ashley Marasso.

Wwe real name?

World Wrestling Entertainment

Is Melina from wrestling real name Melina?


What isThe Rock's real name?

The Rock's real name is Dwayne Johnson.

Why did kelly kelly name her name 2 times?

that is her wrestling name not her real name