What is a curb stomp?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Curb stomp basically means to beat the snot out of somebody. Take a person and throw them to the ground and then step all over them. Not something nice people do!

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Q: What is a curb stomp?
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What to do with a broken?

curb stomp it

My mom died how do I handle a stepmom who makes nasty comments about my mom?

curb stomp her

What do you do when someone is being really mean?

You have to punch them in the face. Also you should curb stomp them

What are Seth Rollins signatures and finishers?

Shiranu Suplex small pakage (gods last gift) Diving knee to a standing or downed opponent Curb stomp (black out. Its a sccisors stomp) Moves he used in the indies that he should start using again. Moonsoult double stomp. Corkscrew frogsplash Curb stomp from the top rope. Standing diamond dust. Inverted shiranu, into a Shiranu face buster Mid air rolling cutter Stunner

In the movie American History X how did Derreck kill the last guy who tried to break into his car?

He made him bite the curb. Curb stomp as its sometimes called. It involves the thief putting his teeth to the curb and then "Derreck" (Edward Norton) stomping on the back of his head breaking his neck and jaw.

Which is NOT a new move introduced in Gears of War 3?

the chain saw kill the punchout execution curb stomp pistol whip and many more

Why do a bunch Sonic fans kill Tails?

They think that Tails ruined the whole Sonic Franchise,I Know,it's stupid. ------------------------------------------------------------------- With one bad rear curb-stomp, Gears Of War style.

What is a curbstomp?

A curbstomp, also known as a skull stomp or pavement slam, refers to a violent act where a person forcefully stomps on another individual's head, typically against a curb or hard surface. It is a brutal and often lethal form of assault commonly depicted in movies and video games.

Is stomp an onomatopoeia?

no but stomp is.

When did stomp begin?

STOMP began in the summer of 1991! =)

When was stomp created?

Zombie Stomp was created in 1991.

Stomp song ny kirk Franklin meaning?