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Q: What is a fast easy way to kill your self?
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What is a easy way to kill your self?

Don't kill yourself

What is the easy way to kill dirty water in Africa?

the easy way to kill dirty water in Africa is to bild a fillter

What is the funniest way to kill your self?

There is no humor in death.

What is an easy way to kill mosquitoes?

spray with flyspray or just swat them to kill them

I am at the beginning of disgaea ds so what is a easy and fast way to get a nosferatu?

The first Nosferatu that you will run into will be Maderas ( in chapter 5 I think you meet him) by the way he is a boss and after you kill him you get him in your party (He's leveled up)

What are effective advantage internet?

fast easy way to get info

Easy way to kill jack of blades?

you shhot him with your bow

Why was poison gas invented?

Poison gas was invented as a chemical weapon for use in combat, with intended effects of incapacitating or killing enemy soldiers. It was first used in World War I as a means of gaining a tactical advantage on the battlefield.

If you kill your self to save your self are you a killer?

no your not a killer your a healer. your savin yourself, and if yu think its the only way to save yourself then its the only way.

What are all the text?

An easy and fast way to communicate with all of your friends and family.

Best way to kill a maggot?

its easy just stamp on it really hard.

What is a Easy And Quick Way To Pierce What if your Self?

use a needle ice cubes and achocol