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A student or an apprentice.

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Q: What is a ninja in training called?
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What is the training of the ninja?

dont know maybe naruto path of the ninja

Is Alan Sugar training to be a ninja?


In Naruto Ultimate Ninja 1 in the c rank how to beat Sakura's training?

naruto ultimate ninja 1: how do you win sakura's training?

Is sir Alan sugar training to be a ninja?


Where do you find Naruto on Naruto path of the ninja?

by training

Where is sakura?

training with tsunade to become a medical ninja.

What is Bruno Mars's favorite hobby?

ninja training

What school did Naruto go to?

ninja training academy

Where can you find konhamaru in Naruto path of the ninja?

training grounds

Are there any ninja training camps?

Yes, the Geijien camp

What made somebody a ninja?

Years of discipline and training in ninjutsu.

How do you get claw at magic tree house red dragon?

You get it after ninja training.