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overcome, conquer, defeat, command, tame, quiet

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Synonyms: conquer, dominate, control, overpower, overcome, restrain, quell, suppress, quiet

Antonyms: start, arouse, release, rouse

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Q: What is a synonym for the word Subdue?
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What is a prefix or suffix for the word subdue?

the definition is to overcome or bring under control. They could be the synonym of the word subdue though.

What is a synonym for overcoming obstacles?

Some synonyms for overcoming obstacles are get over, subdue, surmount, or master.

The word subdue in a sentence?

In order to subdue Jimmy, they gave him a shot of Ativan.

Does subdue have a prefix?

Yes, "sub-" is a prefix in the word "subdue."

Can you write a sentence for the word subdue?

Yes I can! "Subdue those men!" the general ordered.

What is the root word of subdued?

The root word of "subdued" is "subdue," which means to bring something under control or to conquer.

How do you use subdue in a sentence?

"The government had to use force to subdue the angry mob." A synonym of subdue is conquer, so you use it the same way.

What is a sentence for the word subdue?

The police used pepper spray to subdue the violent man. The mother hoped that gentle rocking would subdue her fussy infant.

What is a 6 letter word for supress?


5 letter word for subdue completely?


What is a synonym for still?

comfort, stamp down, inhibit, subdue, conquer, curb, soothe, console, solace, change, alter, modify.

How do you use the word subdue in a sentence?

"You can subdue someone who tries to break into your house by hitting them with a bat." "After the two burglars fell from the roof, the police arrived to subdue them." "The British expended much effort to subdue the hostile natives in central Africa." "At the football game, the nerd section would shout 'Subdue them, subdue them, Make them relinquish the ball!'"