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It is wooden shoe traditionally worn by French and Breton peasants.

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Q: What is a wooden shoe called sabot?
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What is a wooden soled shoe called?

Sabot Clog Geta

Whats the name for a wooden shoe?

A Wooden Shoe is known as a Clog.

What five letter word for a wooden shoe ends with t?

A wooden shoe is a sabot (and yes, it's related to the word sabotage.)

What is the French word for clog?

The French word for a clog (wooden shoe) is "sabot".

What does a sabot on the bottom of a table leg look like?

I think this is a reference to the "foot" of the table leg itself ; sabot is probably an allusion to the wooden shoe (clog/sabot) .

What is a sabot?

A sabot is a wooden shoe, or an item held around projectiles in firearms, which enable the projectile to hold itself in place within the barrel of the firearm.

A Shoe made of a single block of wood?

Wooden shoes are from the Dutch (Holland) and were in a particularly dance that was a custom. However, it is not practiced now.

What is the English phrase 'wooden shoe' in Italian?

"Zoccolo" is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "wooden shoe."Specifically, the Italian word is a masculine noun. It means "clog, sabot, wooden shoe." Its singular definite article is "lo" ("the"). Its singular indefinite article is "un, uno" ("a, one").The pronunciation is "TSOHK-koh-loh."

What does french word 'sabot' mean?

"Sabot" is the French word for "shoe" or "sneaker".

What does the word sabot mean in france?


What does the word sabot?

Sabot is a shoe in old French. Used in artillery as a carrier around a small shell.

What is a sabatoeur?

Someone that damages things. In the early days of factory machines that spun yarn, disgruntled workers could damage machines by removing a wooden shoe (sabot) and throwing it into the machine. Thus they became saboteurs.