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Royal rumble !

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Q: What is the WWE Raw Road to WrestleMania show actually?
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On smackdown vs raw road to WrestleMania can you get past WrestleMania?


Is road to WrestleMania on smackdown vs raw 2007?

No, there is no road to wrestlemania on svr 2007 but there is season mode and gm mode.

Can you be a referee in Smackdown vs Raw 2010?

No. Only in Edge's Road To WrestleMania in the match between Big Show and Dolph Ziggler.

How do you unlock people in smackdown vs raw 2010?

Road to Wrestlemania

What does rtwm mean?

road to wrestlemania for smackdown vs raw 2010

Does Shawn Michaels have a road to wrestlemania in smackdown vs raw 2011?


Will smackdown vs raw 2010 have a road to wretlemania?

yes and it will have diva and created superstar road to Wrestlemania

How do you unlcok layla in raw vs smackdown ps2?

You have to get her as your manager in your road to wrestlemania.

How do you unlock Jesse in smackdown vs raw 2010 on wii?

road to wrestlemania

How do you open Ric Flair in Smackdown vs Raw 2009?

1st Way-Finish HHH's Road To Wrestlemania. 1st Way-Finish HHH's Road To Wrestlemania.

Can you play with to other people in road to wrestlemania on smack-down vs raw 2010?

You can but only on one storyline, which in 2010 is the John Cena and Triple H Road to Wrestlemania.

Is the boogyman on Smackdown vs Raw 2009?

You can unlock him and hes in undertakers road to wrestlemania