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The word brawl means:

As a noun:

  1. a noisy quarrel, squabble, or fight.
  2. a bubbling or roaring noise; a clamor.
  3. Slang, a large, noisy party.

As a verb (used without object):

  1. to quarrel angrily and noisily; wrangle.
  2. to make a baubling or roaring noise, as water flowing over a rocky bed.

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My brother and i had a brawl over the iPhone

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Q: What is the definition of the word brawl?
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A sentence with the word brawl in it?

The young boy loved to brawl to his poor parents .

What are the syllables for brawl?

Brawl only has one syllable. This means the whole word is the syllable.

Do Bakugan brawl or stand?

You use the word 'brawl' when after you go gate card set And You use the word 'stand' when after you said gate card set and bakugan brawl e.g I dan Gate card set, bakugan brawl drago stand.

What would be a good sentence for the word brawl?

The heavy drinking at the party resulted in a huge brawl.

What is a 10-letter word for a wild brawl?


What is a five letter word for 'riot'?

One choice is brawl.

What other word means fight?

brawl. Tussle. skirmish.

What is a 5 letter word for Brief Heated Altercation?

* fight * Brawl

What is a four letter word for wild brawl?

Riot, fray, fuss, feud.

What does affray mean in The Interlopers?

The word affray means a conflict or a brawl in the Interlopers.

What language did the word brawl come from?

The word "brawl" originated from Old French, derived from the verb "brailler" meaning to quarrel or shout loudly. It entered the English language in the 14th century with the same meaning of a noisy quarrel or fight.

What is the definition of something?

The definition of something describes exactly what the word is and how the word can be used. You will also see synonyms for the word and if the word is a noun or adjective when viewing the definition.