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It's just called "Naruto". The time skip series is called "Naruto Shippuden".

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Original series, season 1

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Q: What is the first series of Naruto called?
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What is Naruto shippunden?

it's a continuing of Naruto series, but Shippuuden series is a few years later than first series, that means first Naruto series has ended and Shippuuden is "a few years later"

What is the third serie of Naruto called?

There is no third series... only naruto and naruto shippuden

Was there a naruto series between naruto and shippuden called naruto conosadem that had ten episodes but didn't air?

No, there is no such thing.

What are the naruto books called?

The Naruto books are called manga. The main series is simply titled "Naruto," and there is also a sequel series called "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations." Additionally, there are various guidebooks, artbooks, and light novels related to the Naruto franchise.

Who does Sakura love more Sasuke or naruto?

Sakura loves Sasuke in the first series of Naruto but in the second series she starts to fall for Naruto because *SPOLIER* Sasuke left .

What epsode of Naruto comes after departure?

Since the episode Departure marks the end of the Naruto series, the next episode would be the first episode of the Naruto Shippuden series, Homecoming.

Will they make a new naruto series after Shippuden?

yes There will be a New Naruto after shippuden and will be called Naruto's End

Is Naruto Uzumaki straight?

Yes; Naruto Uzumaki is not a homosexual. Throughout the first series ("Naruto"), he is seen to be "in love" or crushing on Sakura.

Did the Naruto series end?

Yes, the original Naruto series concluded in November 2014 with the final episode of Naruto Shippuden. However, there is now a sequel series called Boruto: Naruto Next Generations which follows the next generation of ninjas, including Naruto's son Boruto. So while the original Naruto series has ended, the story lives on in the new generation of characters. Hope this helps!

Should you watch Naruto uncut series first or shippunden?

naruto first so u can know whats going on in Shippunden

Does Naruto have a half sister?

no...but try watching the naruto shippuden series or the naruto series

Who is Naruto first lover?

Naruto's first love interest was Sakura Haruno. Throughout the series, Naruto harbored feelings for Sakura, but she initially had feelings for Sasuke Uchiha instead. Eventually, Sakura's feelings towards Naruto evolved into a deep friendship rather than a romantic relationship.