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peacemaker = le pacificateur

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Q: What is the french word for peacemaker?
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How do you use the word peacemaker in a sentence?

The diplomat had a reputation as a peacemaker, and was welcomed by both sides.

What is another word for peacemaker?


What is Albanian word for pacemaker?

Paqeruajtes is the word in Albanian for peacemaker.

What one word that describes benvolio?


What is a 11 letter word for mediator?

The word is conciliator. It means a peacemaker.

What 10 letter word ends with r?


What is a 10 letter word for a dispute settler?

arbitrator, peacemaker, negotiator, intervenor

What is an antonym for terrorist?

A peacemaker.

How do you spell peacemaker or peace maker?


What is the word 'peacemaker' when translated from English to Japanese?

調停者 Chōtei-sha

Was Roosevelt more of a bully or a peacemaker?

Yes he was a peacemaker

What is the opposite of terrorist?

The opposite of terrorist is peacemaker.