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The gentle art began in Japan. Records indicate that it existed as early as 1532, making it almost 500 years old.

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Q: What is the minimum age required to become a black belt in judo?
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If you kill a black belt do you become a black belt?

No, you become a convict.

What is the minimum age to be awarded a judo black belt in Brazil?

The minimum age to be awarded a black belt in Judo period is 16.

What level do you become a black belt in ninja warz?

Level 31 is your first black belt

How do you defeat a brown belt in club penguin?

Become a black belt

Where can you get a DVD to become a black belt?

You cannot become a legitimate black belt through DVDs. To become a true black belt you must train with an instructor. You can learn many techniques from DVDs, but there are corrections and subtle movements that cannot be communicated through a video.

How long will it take to become a black belt in karate if you are white belt now?

It will depend on a number of factors. The biggest two are going to be how hard you train and how often you attend classes. Most styles have set a minimum of 3 years to obtain the first degree black belt. The average in the style I study seems to be closer to 5.

How do you become a black belt in one day?


How do you become a black belt?

Study and train with a good instructor. It takes hard work and 3 or more years to obtain a black belt.

What is the GKR karate belt order?

You get your white belt when you first start (No grading session required)Then instructor awards you yellow tip (Again no grading session required)Then yellow (Grading session required)Then orange tip (No grading session required)Then orange (Grading required)Then green ( Grading required )Then blue ( Grading required )Then red (Grading required )Then brown (Grading required)Then black tip (Grading required)A second black tip (Grading required )Then black (Grading required)

how to find out where someone got his black belt?

A person can find out where another person got their black belt by asking them where they trained. They may also ask for a reference if it is required.

How do you become a ninja on cp?

you have to vs sensei and get the black belt and win

Is there a cheat to become a ninja?

No. You must get to black belt and beat Sensei.