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A stocking is a sock filled with goodies on Christmas Day.

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Q: What is the name of a sock filled with goodies on Christmas day?
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How do you call a sock filled with presents?

A nicolaus sock

Can a sock filled with butter do damage?

If the butter is cold and hard, then hitting something with the sock filled with butter would do damage to persons and/or property.Please do NOT hit anyone or anything with a sock filled with butter.However, you CAN watch the iCarly episode 42, "iTake On Dingo", which shows Sam hitting people with a butter filled sock. It works.

Can a sock explode?

Only if it is filled with an explosive.

What part of clothes is connected with Christmas?


What is the sock that hangs by the chimey?

Christmas stocking

A sock that hangs by the chimney is call?

A sock hanging by the chimney is called a stocking.

A sock that hangs by the chimney?

It sounds like a Christmas stocking hung by the chimney, a tradition where people place stockings to be filled with gifts from Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

What item can only be filled and reemptied by hand?

A glove or a sock is an item that can only be filled and emptied by hand.

How do you get the sock on the Harvest Moon game?

You have to make best friends with the old lady that lives by the mayer, and a week before Christmas, give her a ball of yarn, she'll make you a sock.

In France which Item Of Clothing Is Sometimes Filled with Presents?

Un chaussette (a sock - larger than a real one, of course :)

Whre can I buy a good quality Christmas sock?

Garnet hill has a variety of Christmas stocking and they will even monogram them for you. They are high quality with lots of different colors to choose from.

Where is the drum in i spy Christmas 16 17?

It’s on the sock monkeys lap. It’s a tiny red drum.