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The name of the big show's submission move is Cobra Clutch Backbraker

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Q: What is the name of big show's submission move?
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What is the full form of big shows finisher NAME WM?

wrestling move

Is the Big shows finishing move a chokeslam or the big punch with his right hand?

The Knockout Punch

What is big shows middle name?


What is big shows name?

the big shows real name is paul wight

What is WWE big shows name?

Paul Wight

What is the big shows name on WWE?

Paul Wight, Jr

Whats big shows real name?

Paul Wight

What is the name and the artist of the big shows theme?

Brand new sin

What is big shows finsher name WWE?

knockout blow and chokeslam

Is big show big boss man's son?

Big Boss Man's real name is Ray Traylor and Big Shows' real name is Paul Wight WIKIPEDIA them and you'll find they are NOTrelated.

What are the name of the Big Time Rush band in the shows?

James, Logan, Kendall, and Carlos.

What was the frogs name in max keebles big move?

MacGoogles the Frog