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Q: What is the name of the clan Kakashi in?
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What clan is Kakashi from?

The Hatake clan, it can be assumed he is the last of them.

Does the hatake clan exist?

Yes Because There Is One Or More People In It Such As Kakashi Hatake And Sakumo Hatake ( Kakashi's Father )But Unfortunataly There Is No Track Of Kakashi's Mother .

How is obito?

If your asking who is obito it is kakashi dead freind, he was a kid from the uchiha clan and handed his left eye (sharingon) to kakashi

What is the link between Kakashi hatake and madara Uchiha?

The link is that kakashi and madara where on the same team but he wasnt know as madara his name was obito (the black sheep of the uchiha clan). Now his name is Tobi and he wheres that mask because you know how kakashi has the sharigan well that use to be his and so he gave it to kakashi as a gift for becoming a jonin right before he died

Why does kakshi have the sharigan and he isn't in the uchia clan?

Kakashi has the sharingan eye because his teammate, Obito Uchiha, was dying, and his dying wish was that Kakashi took his sharingan eye, because Kakashi had lost his eye trying to save Rin, (his other teammate) and so, Rin put Obito's eye (don't puke) in Kakashi's empty socket. And that is why Kakashi Hatake has a Sharingan eye, even though, he is not in the Uchiha clan.

Is there a real Uchiha?

No he is not. Kakashi is a member of the Hatake clan. His father name was Hatake Sakumo and his mothers is still unknown. The reason he has the Sharingan, the famous Kekkei Genkai of the Uchiha clan is because his dying comrade Uchiha Obito had his left eye transplanted into Kakashi ruined eye by Rin (another teammate) as a final gift to him (Kakashi) for his promotion into the rank of Jonin. Sorry that sentence was so long. But I needed to get the info on the page.

What is kakashi's second name?

His full name is Kakashi Hatake

What is Kakashi's daughter's name?

Kakashi doesn't have a daughter.

What is kakashis second name of naruto?

Kakashi's full name is : Hetake, Kakashi

What is the name of the arc that covers Kakashi's past?

kakashi chronicles

What is Kakashi's real name from Naruto shipuden?

...Hatake Kakashi.

Who is Kakashi namikaze?

There isn't a Kakashi Namikaze. Kakashi's last name is Hatake. However, his team leader, Minato, his last name was Namikaze.