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Q: What is the new show when robots fight each other?
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What do you call the show were people jumped into robots and fight each other?


Why do deer fight each other?

To show dominance in that area

Was Kane and Undertaker seeing each other after the fire?

yes, they were seeing each other because it's a show and they don't really fight each other and the blood you see is in the hands of the referee you don't actually believe that they really fight.

There was a show on Cartoon Network like SD Gundam but don't remember the name the people used robots that ran like tigers and they batteled each other any ideas?


Is it natural for terrapins to fight?

Terrapin males will fight over females in the breeding season although the only reasons for females to fight would be not enough room or they might fight if they are trying to show dominance over each other

Im looking for a cartoon show about people from different countries who use giant robots to fight in a tournament kinda zoid-like but not zoids?

g gundam

Why do animals out-compete other animals?

they compete with each other because they are trying to show off and the strongest gets the girl >>More scientificly, if males fight each other during mating season, it is most likely they are fighting for a female. If females fight other females or males, then they might be protecting their cubs.

What is this old cartoon show with the yellow robot with a boy and the fought other robots?

It's called Medabots

I'm looking for an old anime show on Cartoon Network and it's about these kids who have robots that they race and fight other robots while racing does anyone know what it's called?

I remember that show! Its name was Robot something. I think that something was a bunch of the same word. I went looking for the name of this show as well, and searched through tweenty websites and found your question and made a mark so i could let you know if i found it and i did!!!!!! it called IGPX =D

Do dragonflies fight?

I guess they can, but I think they are looking for food most of the time.

How can you show how numbers are related to each other?

how can I show how numbers are related to each other

What was the show where people had robots and raced with them?