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The term is neutrally defensive.

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Q: What is the term for only attacking when provoked?
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Is a cheetah dangerous?

To humans? No! There is no record of a cheetah attacking and killing a human.The cheetah, in general, shows no hostility toward human beings.

When did the Japanese formally declare war during Pearl Harbor?

they didnt, we declared war on them for attacking us. they "provoked" us to declare war, though we provoked them first by taking away their oil

Are octopuses aggressive?

Not usually, only if provoked

Is this correct a snake shall bite if provoked?

A snake only. Items you If felt under threat , provoked , and if it wants you C0Ck

Does a worker bee sting?

Yes, but usually only if it is provoked.

Are rhinoceros predators or prey?

The rhino is a herbivore, and will only attack if frightened or provoked.

What do ender man do in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, Endermen are neutral Mobs (i.e. they don't attack unless provoked). To provoke one all you have to do is look directly at one and move your crosshair even slightly. They will then teleport to you and keep attacking you. If you don't move your crosshair once you've looked at them, you can attack them without them attacking you.

Is a lion more dangerous than a rhino?

It depends if the rhino is provoked in attacking or not. A lion could be more dangerous if it attacks and fights enemies that come to attack the territory. But if a rhino charges, it is more dangerous.

How can you use the word provoked in a sentence?

The rude comment provoked an argument between the two friends.

Is a nurse shark dangourise?

only if it is provoked. it has been known to attack unprovoked but that is in a rare occasion

Is bite of guiena pig harmful?

Depends on how hard it was. Usually not, and they only bite it provoked or on accident.

Is a coatimundi dangerous?

Only if provoked. I've heard of coatimundis being kept as pets, so they are obviously not venomous, extremely dangerous, etc. Coatimundis are only dangerous in the fact that they may bite or claw, though there is no long term damage they can cause. Hope I could help!