What is the worst finisher in WWE?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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well, i think the worst finisher in wwe is the is fake !!!!!!!

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Q: What is the worst finisher in WWE?
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What is the worst WWE finisher?

Maybe - Santino Marella's Cobra

How do you change your finisher on WWE 2010?

by showing the finisher to the wwe universe on one of wwe wrestlers

What is the finisher of WWE hunico?

Hunico's finisher-=senton bomb >:l

What is Randy Orton finisher in WWE?

it is "RKO"

How do you do the finisher on WWE all stars?

by unlocking

What was the first WWE finisher?

sweet chin music

What is WWE sergeant slauter's finisher?

cobra clutch

Is it possible to kick out of a finisher in WWE day of reckoning?


What is a good finisher in the WWE for a rookie?

The pelvic thrust

What is tazz'es finisher in WWE?

tazzplex-ground tazzmisisson

What is wwe Christian cage's finisher?

Christian's finisher is called the Killswitch.

What is WWE's most devastating finisher?

Tombstone Piledriver and 619