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jessica kresa

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Q: What is tna knockout odb's real name?
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What is TNA knockout Velvet Sky's real name?

it is Jamie Szantyr

What is TNA knockout wrestler Tara's real name?

Lisa Marie Varon

Is odb tna knockout single?

In real life she is single

What is the name of the tna knockout diva in lax? the WWE, she was Ariel.

Is TNA Knockout Angelina Love a lesbian?


Where is tna knockout ODB?

fired, i think she's in the independent now

Which TNA Knockout is the hottest?

Karen Angle is the hottest TNA Knockout. I can't stop looking at her pictures; shes mad hot. No the answer is Awesome Kong she is so.....just kidding my answer is Madison Rayne. I jerk to her pics And her nice big breast

Who was the first tna knockout?

True answer is Taylor Vaughn back in 2002, Gail Kim signed to TNA back in 2005

What is tna homicide real name?

His real name is Nelson Rodriguez Erazo

What is TNA Chelsea's real name?

Chelsea's real name is Alison Skipper

What is TNA Sarita's real name?

Sarita's real name is Sarah Stock.

Is WWE diva Michelle mccool related to tna knockout Angelina love?