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Jeff Hardy drives a yellow convertable Lamborghini Gallardo

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Q: What kind of car does Jeff hardy have and what color?
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What car has Jeff Hardy got?

Jeff Hardy's Got A Hyndai Sunuta Car.

What car does Jeff hardy arrive in when he returned to smackdown?

a ferrari

Was Matt Hardy in a car accident?

Matt wasn't in a car accident but his brother Jeff was.

Was Jeff hardy in a real accident?

no that car accident was just another storyline

What that really Beth in the Jeff hardy car accient?

No it was not Beth Britt and it was a diva in training.

Why Jeff hardy hate his brother?

set his house on fire ,hit his car,attacked him

What car does Jeff Hardy drive?

He drives a black Chevrolet Corvette C5 according to WWE Mag.

In Smackdown Vs Raw 08 what can you KO with in the parking lot brawl?

you can get up a car and do a swontom bomb you dont have to be Jeff hardy do it!

What car do the Hardy Boys drive?

They have some kind of a yellow convertible. Don't know what kind of car it is really. Try reading one of the books to find out!

What kind of engine is in Jeff Gordon's race car?

Highly modified Chevy 350.

Where does Jeff Hardy live?

When Jeff isn't traveling with the WWE. Instead, he lives in Cameron, North Carolina. Due to the fire that happened and burned his home to the ground Jeff is living with Matt, but they are still in Cameron, NC.Jeff also had a car accident while heading to the house.He also got arrested for doing drugs, but he is out of jail and is okay.Jeff Hardy lives in Cameron, North Carolina.

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