What kind of chairs does WWE use?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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steel chairs

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Q: What kind of chairs does WWE use?
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What kind of weapons do WWE use?

They use alot of stuff. For example Chairs, Wooden Tables, Ladders, 4X4 Barbed wire stick, Metal Stairs, Broken Glass and many more. But after 2007 WWE haven't used alot weapons anymore!

Is getting hit in the head with chairs fake in WWE?


Wwe superstars really beat with chairs?

no it is fake

Why is there weapons under the ring in WWE?

there are tables ladders & chairs

What is the full form of WWE TLC?

tables,ladders and chairs

What are the release dates for WWE TLC - Tables Ladders Chairs - 2000?

WWE TLC - Tables Ladders Chairs - 2000 was released on: USA: 2000 USA: 5 February 2002 (DVD premiere)

How do you win a WWE chairs match?

Hit them with the chair until it brakes.

What is WWE batiata's match specialty?

a chairs match OR a single match

What paperview comes before tables ladders and chairs?

WWE survivor Series

What is the next main event on WWE?

TLC guys i mean Table Ladders Chairs

What is the rarest WWE DVD ever?

My thoughts is i think Tables Ladders Chairs 2009

How does superstars don't get injured with WWE chairs?

The Chairs They Us May Be Padded or they don't even hit them. It sounds like they do hit him because of Sound Effects