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Q: What prevents the bittering family from returning to earth?
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How does Mr Bittering plan on getting his family back to earth in the short story 'Dark They Were and Golden-Eyed'?

By building a rocket.

How does Mr Bittering plan on getting his family back to earth in the story dark they were and golden eyed?

By building a rocket.

What does Dan Bittering want to do that requires his parents' permission?

He wants to back to earth

Why does Mrs. Bittering want to stay on Mars?

She wants to stay on mars because she thinks the bomb blast that occurred will affect her and her family and she thinks it's a threat.

What prevents geologists from exploring earth's interior?

Earth's thick exterior.

What does spring represent to Persephone?

Returning to the earth with Demeter.

What is returning to earth through the atmosphere is called?


What effect would an increase in clouds have on earth's climate?

Cloud cover prevents Sunlight from reaching the Earth's surface, keeping the earth cooler.Cloud cover prevents heat escaping into space, keeping the Earth warmer.

How a snake prevents the earth?

to prevent by our nature and enviroment

What does gravity prevents earth from?

flying away from the sun.

What prevents the earth from getting too hot?

our atmosphere

What prevents the battering family from returning to earth Dark but golden eyed?

The narrator's golden eyes symbolize their supernatural or otherworldly nature, suggesting that they belong to a different realm and cannot return to Earth. The darkness surrounding them could signify a sense of loneliness or separation from the familiar world. This description hints at a deeper, mysterious backstory that keeps them rooted in their current state rather than allowing them to return home.