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Mercy Drive - Burn in my light

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voices in my head by rev theory

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Q: What was randy orton's old entrance song?
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What is randy orton's entrance song?

go on YouTube and type down "randy ortons old and first enterance song" and i promise it will come up.

What band Randy ortons old theme song?

If you mean the "Burn in my Light" song its Mercy Drive

What is Randy Ortons old WWE theme song called?

His current theme is Voices by Rev Theory.

Randy ortons old theme song?

Burn In My Light but i do not know who sings it

Who sings randy ortons old theme song?

voices by rev theory srz that is his new song his old song was Burn in my Light by Mercy Drive

How old is randy ortons kid?


How old is Randy Orton's mom?

randy ortons mom is 200 years old

What is randy ortons them song?

Burn in my light by mercy drive(old theme.) Voices by Rev theory(current theme.)

What is randy ortons old theme song caled?

If you mean the one before voices then Burn in my light by mercy Drive

How old randy ortons daughter?

Randy Orton's daughter Alanna is 8 years old. She was born on July 12, 2008.

Randy ortons age?

Born 1st April 1980 he is 30 yrs old.

How old is Randy ortons sister and What is her name?

Rebecca Orton is 23 years old the second youngest out of two (randy $ his brother Nathan orton)