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a piece of armour

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Q: What word means bringer of vengeance?
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I there A word for bringer of vengeance?

Yes! Armour.

What is bringer of vengeance?

A piece of Armour

What is the Greek word for bringer of death?

charos means death bringer.

What does lucicer mean?

The word lucifer means light bearer or light bringer.

What is the Greek word for vengeance?

The word in Greek for vengeance is ekdikisi. The word for vengeance in Spanish is venganza. The word for vengeance in French is venger.

Why is phosphorus named phosphorus?

Phosphorus is named after the Greek word "phosphoros," which means "light-bringer" or "light-bearer." This is because elemental phosphorus has a characteristic glow in the dark, also known as phosphorescence, which is where the name is derived from.

Is there a Scottish girls name meaning bringer of light?

No. Solas is the Scottish word for light. Sorcha means "light, radiant" it's the Scottish equivalent of Lucy or Lucia. The only name I know of the literally means "bringer of light" is Lucifero, aka Lucifer.

What does lucia mean?

If you are talking about the name Lucia it means Light its a name for a female and it came from Lucianus. Its origin is LatinIt is a derivation of the latin word for light.

What are characteristics of the word vengeance?

The word vengeance begins with a v and ends with an e. It has two syllables. It is a noun of Anglo-French derivation dating back in English to the 14th century, and it means retribution.

What name means light bringer in latin?


Another word for bringer of bad luck?


What is the meaning of English word vengeance in Malayalam?

Vengeance = Vashi